I was an Economy Energy customer - I don't understand my first bill from OVO

  • 25 March 2019
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I was an Economy Energy customer - I don't understand my first bill from OVO
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We appreciate moving from one supplier to another is confusing enough, let alone when it's to a supplier you didn't chose yourself. To try and support all our new customers coming over to OVO, we've pulled together some information around your first bill, which should help clear up any questions you might have.

So why was I moved to OVO from Economy Energy?

When Economy Energy went into administration, it triggered a process called Supplier of Last Resort (SOLR). It’s a way of transferring all Electricity and Gas supplies to a dedicated new supplier from the one that’s closing.

In this case, we officially took ownership of Economy Energy supplies on Saturday 12th January 2019.

What have you been doing since then?

The good news is we've been busy getting your account live in our systems - but to do so, we have needed to make some small tweaks to your data. These tweaks may make your first bill confusing, so we've put together a guide below to help you navigate this.

Why do all of my OVO documents show a different start date? It’s not the 12th of January?

Your account with us officially started on 12th January; the date shown on your OVO welcome documents is the day we finished migrating the core information from Economy Energy's system, to ours. Unfortunately we are unable to change this date in our records, so please just ignore it.

How have you calculated my opening read with you?

Well, this depends. If you have a SMART meter, we have used an actual meter reading from the 12th of January. If you don’t have a SMART meter, we have used any meter readings that you have provided to us and industry data to estimate a meter reading for the 12th.

These meter reads have then been provided to the administrators at Economy Energy; agreeing that they will use these reads to close down your account with them to ensure you are not charged more than you should be.

If this reading is slightly different to your records, please don’t worry. We know it might not be perfect. However, if the reads we have used are completely different than you were expecting, please just get in touch with some recent meter reads so we can take a look.

Since 12th January, my Direct Debit has still been leaving my account. Why can’t I see all of those payments on my bill?

The process of transferring your Direct Debit from Economy to us has taken a little bit of time to arrange. As a result of this, only Direct Debit payments made after 18th March 2019 will show on your OVO statements. Any payments before that should be shown on your final Economy Energy bill (and would’ve been used to cover your usage with them).

If this has left your Economy Energy account in credit, don’t worry. There is more information on this below to explain what happens next.

You’ve added a charge on my first bill, what is this for?

This is to cover your Standing Charge; these are daily payments that you make to any Gas or Electricity supplier. This covers things like the cost of the meter, the energy network and the engineers that keep it all working.

This charge is normally either included in your overall tariff, or billed separately alongside your usage.

Our billing system normally calculates this automatically. However, as we have had to manually amend the meter read(s) on your account from a date prior to your details entering the system, we have had to do this separately.

All we have done is manually calculate the amount of standing charge due between the 12th of January and the date we started your account in our system (that date that we asked you to ignore earlier). If you would like to check our maths, you can find your daily standing charge rate in your welcome pack.

What about my final bill from Economy, when do I get that?

As we agree the reads with the administrators they will be generating the final bills for you. Unfortunately we don’t have any involvement in this process, so we can’t give any more detail.

If you have any questions about the final bill you receive, please use the contact details provided with the final bill. If you call OVO we won’t be able to help.

My final bill shows me as being in credit, how do I get this back?

Shortly after you receive your final bill from Economy Energy, we will also be provided with confirmation of the credit amount due to you. At this point we will then add this as a credit against your OVO account (as this is the only way we can get it back to you).

If, by adding this credit to your account, it puts your OVO account into credit this can either be used to cover ongoing usage or you can ask for it to be refunded to you. If you would like a refund, please just provide us with an up to date meter reading and wait until you receive your next bill, then you can request a refund via My OVO or by giving us a call.

My final bill shows that I am in debt, who do I have to pay?

If you do owe a balance against your old Economy Energy account, you will now owe this to the administrators. They will be in touch with you directly to discuss payment arrangements.


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Has anybody experienced this after their switch from economy energy ?
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I've moved your post here, @Rissa, there is a lot of handy info above 👆🏻