How do you calculate my direct debit?

  • 13 April 2018
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How do you calculate my direct debit?
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Updated on 26/01/2021 


How do you calculate my Direct Debit?


When you come on supply with us, we’ll use your annual usage figures to calculate how much your energy will cost over the year. Once we’ve got the annual amount, we’ll divide this into 12 - this will give us the Direct Debit amount.

If you haven’t got your annual usage figures, we’ll use the national averages. You would then need to send us regular readings for at least 3 months, then we’ll manually calculate your payment amount using your projected usage. More info on this here


Changing my Direct Debit: How to video




Direct Debit FAQs:



See this topic for 7 of the most common Direct Debit questions

23 replies

Hi Guys

How you know how much you are paying separately for gas n electric. We pay one payment for both.

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Hi Guys

How you know how much you are paying separately for gas n electric. We pay one payment for both.


Hi @frank1847,

I've moved your post over here. Check out the link in Tim's topic above for more information on how we calculate Direct Debits. Let me know if you have any more questions.

I have just signed for a year fixed contract, I see that my aonline ccount shows £32 month.

I believe this this figure is an estimation, I will pay each month different ammount depending on my tariff consumption which stands: Electricity day: 15.44p/kWh, Electricity night: 9.8p/kWh.

Could someone please confirm, I just confuse about the £32 showing in the account info. Thanks in advance.
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Hi @ki4bills - I've moved your post over here - check out Tim's info at the top!
I've been advised to increase my Direct Debit inline with an estimated annual cost of £2249.46, which should equate to £187.45 per month.

When I go to increase the Direct Debit, I can't choose anything lower than the recommended value of £241 per month, i.e. £2892 per annum.

How can I adjust it to a more sensible figure - say £190 per month?
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How can I adjust it to a more sensible figure - say £190 per month?

Have a look at this topic thread for info on how we calculate a Direct Debit amount @Michael Hendry

If you think we've made a mistake with our calculations, we can certainly look into a lower amount. I'd suggest you call up our Customer Support team who are specialised at this sort of stuff: 0330 303 5063
We submitted accurate readings for last year before joining OVO. They then stated how much we would need to pay each month so we should have been able to do an accurate comparison with other energy providers. Since being with them for a few months they now want to put our bill up £75 a month! You can’t get hold of OVO, they don’t let you alter your direct debit to what you would like, in our eyes it seems they deceived us into joining by a low monthly rate only to change their mind later and now we are stuck.
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Hi @Lxen - I've moved your topic over here where you can find more information on how Direct Debits are calculated.

I'm sorry you've not been able to get hold of the team. We were extremely busy last month after inheriting Economy Energy's customers. Our call wait times are back down to a few minutes so you should be able to speak to someone pretty swiftly if you needed to call.
I recently received an email from you recommending an increase to my Direct Debit amount. I find this very hard to understand since my last contact with you (prior to today) was to give a meter reading to show that you had considerably over estimated my actual consumption of electricity. I have given another reading today which confirms a continuing low rate of consumption.

I have no wish to end the year considerably in credit and to have to claim a repayment.

Do I have to accept your recommendation?
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When customers join OVO, we take the total estimated cost they will spend for their energy in one year and divide it into 12 payments.

If they join OVO during the winter months (September onwards), we apply a winter uplift to their Direct Debit. This should ensure that at the end of the winter period they don’t end up in debt.

We will then do regular Direct Debit check in to make sure they're paying the right amount. Here's a page to help explain the calculation: https://www.ovoenergy.com/help/how-do-direct-debits-work.


Welcome to the forum, @Edmund Byrne, it sounds like bad timing with your account being brought up to date inline with your reading and the Direct Debit check in being sent. 

I've popped your post here and added a bit of info above that may be handy, I'd recommend getting in touch with the team just to check things over.

You can send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help centre has online chat, or you can give them a call. You can reach our Customer Care team 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 303 5063.


I would rather leave my Direct Debit amount as originally agreed until there is more useful information available.
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You'll need to speak to the team about this, @Edmund Byrne, please get in touch ☺️

If anybody is interested to know about the step change scheme then check step change number and get to know about this e-commerce scheme.

Received today an ‘urgent’ email warning me that my current £83 DD will leave me £72 in debit at the end of the tariff term.  (November, 10 month’s hence) 

Due to ‘unpredicted usage’ on my dual fuel readings of the 21st. It proposes I pay £91 in future. 

I checked the account. It recommends that I REDUCE the DD to £82. 

OVO continually plays games with its website and one-sided calculations.   This is my third year as a customer. For six/seven months of the year the installed solar system provides a considerable reduction in the monthly costs.  The OVO system fails to take this into account?

Suddenly, based only upon a variation between the first and second winter months of a re-newed contract at term, the system demands a higher rate.  Two months data is hardly a trend?

At one earlier stage to avoid the continual DD changes I set a generous rate. Subsequently I was warned on a phone call that ignoring the recommendation to lower the remittance might jeopardise the  quarterly rebate. 

And to add another OVO irritation.

In December I received an auto-email from the FIT department informing me that it will take up to four weeks to respond to my emailed admin question on alternative ways to submit FIT readings.   My subsequent telephone enquiry to the FIT department was met with dumb insolence and an extraordinary attempt to justify that this is a reasonable time scale. I have yet to receive a formal response. 

Is there anyone there who has a slight knowledge of queuing theory. It will point out one of the first consequences of peaks and troughs in an uncontrolled process?


And NO, for the umpteenth time, I don’t want a smart meter.





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There does seem to be some discrepancies with your Direct Debit recommendation, @Kinaida, I’ve moved your post here, it explains the process of Direct Debit calculation. 

I’m afraid the time frame as advised by the FIT auto-email and reconfirmed by the team will be the most accurate representation of response time, to ensure we’re managing expectations. 

Please reach out to the team, they’ll be able to check over your account. You can send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help centre has online chat. You can also reach our team on: 0330 303 5063. Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.


You suggest that four weeks is a reasonable timescale before the FIT team replies to an email?

Expectation?  OVO’s expectation? Apparently so.

My expectation? Absolutely not.

I received a call confirming the DD email was wrong.  The FIT issue remains outstanding  I still have not had a response, after 6 weeks!.

You are supporting the wrong team on this one. I’m leaving OVO. And very specifically due to the manner in which your FIT Customer Service (?)  operator behaved.

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We don’t think it’s reasonable, @Kinaida, but unfortunately, this is the time frame they’ve given. I’m sorry to hear you’re switching away because of this.


We’d be happy to chase up a response to your query, just get in touch using the methods Amy suggested.

I have received a confusing email which says that my remaining payments will not cover my projected use, and I should increase my Direct Debit. 

The email came soon after my most recent payment was taken and it doesn’t make clear whether that payment is included in the calculations or not. The figure given for the credit in my account is the amount that was at the end of my January statement, which implies that the email is based on the status of my account before the February payment and charge.

However, the email says the number of payments remaining this year is 5, and my contract ends in August. If February was included in the payments remaining, then there should be 6 payments remaining. So, the money I have paid in February seems to be left out of both the calculations of how much I have already paid, and how much I have still to pay. 

Secondly, the projected use for the rest of the year is £381.29. The total amount I have used over the last 5 winter months (based on charges from the statements issued in October-February inclusive) is less than this. I certainly don’t expect to use that much over the next 5 spring/summer months (March- July inclusive), and have never used that much during the equivalent period in the previous 4 years.

If the projected use was based on how much I used last year during the 6 month period Feb - July, it would just about make sense. But in that case, the email is saying that 5 months of payments won’t cover 6 months of use, which is not particularly helpful information.

All of this would be easier to make sense of if the email actually specified which 5 payments it was referring to, and which months were included in the projected use.

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You’ll find lots of handy info in this thread, @Ann83

It sounds like the Feb payment was taken into account, but if your fixed plan finishes with us in August, there should only be 5 payments remaining. We wouldn’t request a payment in August as long as your account is in a credit balance at the end of your fixed plan, this is why you pay a month in advance, so that if you switch away you’re not paying for your energy twice in one month. 

Hope this helps! 

Thanks for your reply. However that still doesn’t add up. Five months would be 




Also that doesn’t explain why the projected use estimate is more than I ever pay for 5 months worth of energy use.

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Hmmm, I’m a bit confused by this too, @Ann83. So that we can access your account and check out the specifics, it might be best to pop us a message on Facebook with your account number, full name and DoB.



My mother’s electricity direct debit is being increased from £150pcm to £206pcm from June even though her account is frequently in credit at the time of her bill. Please can you tell me how I question this and ensure no increase is made until I have been able to discuss this with someone over the phone. To me this just feels like an excuse to print money at a time when most people are struggling financially. 

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Hey @RoseCuerton


I’ve moved your post here, there’s some handy info in the above thread. If you’re listed as a liable contact on your mothers account please reach out to the team, they’ll be able to check things out. 

You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or our Help centre has online chat!

You’re not on the account as a liable contact, please ask your mother to reach out to us directly.