FAQs for Billing and Monthly Summary

  • 24 October 2018
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FAQs for Billing and Monthly Summary
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Updated on 23/02/2021: We've moved onto a new billing platform! This means we're no longer going to issue monthly statements. Instead we'll send you a monthly summary by email and communicate your usage and costs to you on a more regular basis. You can find a handy guide on how to navigate the new platform here.

If you would like to create a guide on billing using the new online account, please post it here!

Lumo is no longer available. For an OVO Energy quote, click here.



When will I get a Statement and not a Summary?


Instead of receiving a regular monthly statement you will only receive statements:

  • At the end of a plan (if you’re leaving us at this point it will be part of your final bill).
  • If you cancel your Direct Debit and we need to discuss payment options with you.
  • If you’re on a two year plan we’ll also send you a statement at the end of your first year.

Where’s the best place on OVO Help for billing questions?


This is the page we’ve created to help customers understand their statements here.

Why would we estimate a reading when the customer has provided a reading for that month?

We will estimate a reading when one isn’t provided the day before the summary date (assuming they don’t have a working smart meter). This will be estimated from the last reading submitted, based on the average usage of the property.

How long does it take to send an opening summary?

It can take up to 6 weeks from the supply start date, to confirm the customer’s opening meter reading from the third party that approves (validates) them for each supplier. Until then, we won’t bill the customer and they won’t have full access to an online account.

Why we might not send a summary straight away, following a smart meter being fitted?

It can also take up to 6 weeks from the meter fitting date, before will bill the customer. This is because we need to be sent all the new meter details through official channels.

Why does it say I could save money on my statement?

OfGem regulate this bit of the statements, and say we have to show this information in this way. If it proposes that you could be on a cheaper tariff, it’ll be for the tariff prices for the day the statement was produced.

It's worth noting that leaving fees might be incurred, or the tariff might only be available to OVO's sister company Lumo Energy or Boost Power, so sometimes the cheapest tariff noted isn't actually available. We’re working with Ofgem to make this feature more helpful to the customer.

The majority of the time the most cost-effective solution would be to remain on your current tariff and then renew once it ends.


How do I keep track of what I’m using?


You can view the monthly summary using your online account, as seen in the image below. You can find out how here.



Then further below, you’ll find a breakdown of your charges, like this-



What happens if I’m on the old billing platform?


If you’re still using the older platform, then there’s no changes to the way you’re billed for now. You’ll still get a statement each month and be able to download a PDF copy on the online account.

You can find an example of how you can expect your statement to look here.

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@Transparent @Mw2870 what do you think of the concept?

@Bumblebee you're often giving great advice for people with high charges and billing concerns. Hopefully this will help you!

As I mentioned above, anything you think we've missed, let us know! 😳 #dreamteam
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@Emma_G @Steve587 @SianiAnni @PeterR1947

Hi Superusers,

Thought this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce myself, I’m Beth, a new moderator on the forum. I’m excited to get to know all the ninjas and experts and to help each other share knowledge about OVO to assist in helping other forum users.

As Tim mentioned this is our first set of FAQs for Billing and Statements, which you guys can use to help others when answering queries. It would be awesome to get your thoughts and feedback, particularly on more topics we can cover, or if there’s anything we’ve forgotten!
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Hi Beth, ntmu

One of the more contentious things with customers seems to be how the direct debits are set and why they change in the process of a new customer using power for a start then their real usage being measured.

I'm not sure that is explained really well, there are quite a few snotty comment in the forum on the topic.

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Hi @PeterR1947

We’re working on a Direct Debit FAQ at the mo! So we’ll be sure to add some info on Direct Debit check in’s- as you’re right, they’re a popular question.

Thanks for the feedback!


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Great idea @Tim_OVO, keep them coming!

Welcome @Beth_OVO

I look forward to the FAQ on DDs there seem to be a couple of complaints at the moment that seem genuine.
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Great idea @Tim_OVO, keep them coming!

Welcome @Beth_OVO

I look forward to the FAQ on DDs there seem to be a couple of complaints at the moment that seem genuine.

Great to have your feedback Peter and Matt, really appreciate it! As Beth mentioned we are working hard on getting more of these useful hints and tips together so that when you guys have a few spare minutes and are looking to help some other users and support the community, you have the information you need!!

Keep the feedback coming on any other common themes and the team will make sure they get more articles up here to help you! #dreamteam
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Hi @Tim_OVO, and greetings to @Beth_OVO. :)

Tim, I'm glad to see the direction these FAQ pages are heading in.

However, I think we should have more detail. Rather than simply saying

It can also take up to 6 weeks from the meter fitting date, before will bill the customer. This is because we need to be sent all the new meter details through official channels.

I think the Forum can help customers understand why such timescales exist.

Compare with the detail I provided on this same topic here.

I do agree with the "6 weeks" figure you quote. But I feel that's the level of detail which customers usually obtain from the main OVO site on the Help/Guide pages.

I believe that the Forum is more likely to attract customers who are looking for a more detailed explanation than the "approved company line". Indeed it becomes ever more likely now that customers will be wary of contacting CS because they'll lose their Incentive Payments.

You (& Darran!), may disagree with me of course... which is why I'm throwing this into the discussion.
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It's a good point you make @Transparent

The 'why' context would, I'm sure, be welcomed by some forum users. But for others, they might want to simply know the 'what' in order to know whether they need to contact us directly. Simply providing you super users with the resources to answer the 'what' element might be a good start. As there's a lot of FAQ to come, it also makes the job of writing it a lot more manageable. ;)

Next FAQ incoming is all about...................... smart!
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Where are these FAQs going to be?

Publicly accessible?

Or stored here on the Whiteboard so we can cut and paste relevant bits when replying to postings?

Are you intending to permit us Ninjas to expand on the FAQs with other information which we find often needs to be said?

The current format doesn't allow for that of course, because we can't yet contribute to articles with joint-owners under the current Forum software. Will this be possible in the future so that us Ninjas can work collaboratively?
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Hi @Transparent

These FAQ's are to help you guys out when you spot someone that needs some help so you know what advice to give on behalf of OVO. We are super happy that we have an awesome group of super active users that are willing to step in and help, so we want to ensure that you are able to do that across a range of subjects and are armed with the right information.

You can of course elaborate on these, the info above is simply the official line from OVO and will help ensure the customer gets the right answer to their question.

If anything crops up that's not covered in here, please let us know if you spot it so we can add more info. Ultimately, we don't want to remove your style or make you in to robots, so please continue to respond as you would using your own flavour and tone, just make sure you check the FAQ's if you need the official line/response to some questions!!

Hope that helps!

In the new world, we are looking at new options to give you guys more access to support us if you want to a bit more and will have new formats available.

We've had a few delays in getting the new version live, hence not posting about it for a couple of weeks, but we are nearly there now!!

And keep the feedback coming if there are any other subjects you see other users discussing but would like to get more info from us so you can get involved!!