The balance on My OVO doesn't match what OVO has on their system - why?

  • 4 January 2020
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Ovo had been emailing me to increase my direct debits. They said I owed over £43, but online & on my app I was a balance of £3. I phoned up & lady who answered said they had 2 accounting systems. I escalated this to a team leader as I was annoyed that a company who encourages customers to do everything online , was providing inaccurate info online. Still did not get proper answer as to why this is happening. Anyone else come across this?

11 replies

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That’s strange, @Redheadgolfer, there could be a technical issue affecting your account.  Did the team leader give an explanation for this?


We’d be happy to take a look into this, send us a message on Facebook with your name, DoB and account number.


Operative told me there was 2 accounting systems. Then a team leader said there was a new accounting system. Still didn’t explain why online balance does not match what Ovo have on their system

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I think I’ve worked out the issue, @Redheadgolfer, we are moving all of our members slowly but surely over to the new billing platform. What you can see on your MyOVO account will be an accurate representation of your current balance, unfortunately with change it takes time. Not all of our team have access to the new billing platform and my have been looking at your old balance on the older platform. I’m really sorry for any confusion caused!


So what is correct the online /app balance or the amount that OVO has on their system? Makes managing one’s account online impossible.

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The balance shown on My OVO is the right one, @Redheadgolfer, we’d be happy to check - just sent us a message on Facebook with your name, DoB and account number. If you don’t have social media,  we have online chat through our Help Centre.  

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Money has been taken from my account without informing me prior to withdrawl, WHY?

I’m currently in the middle of switching to Octopus due to the various issues I’ve suffered with OVO so I’ve been especially careful to keep an eye on my account these last few days.

As you can see in this image below my account is in credit £244.23



These figures have remianed the same until today but now £30 is missing. At a guess this could be my exit fee for one of the fuel types though why OVO do not take both at once I don’t know. More importantly is why OVO have not had the courtesy of imforming me about this deduction. 



It’s examples like this that have prompted me to leave OVO, I tire of playing guessing games with this dreadful company. Why should I be constantly chasing them for answers?

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I have checked my account again today and my balance has changed yet again! In the previous screenshot my balance went down £30 however now £7.50 has been added. Again I’m assuming this has something to do with my iminant switch to Octopus but why hasn’t OVO bothered to email me about these deductions and payments?



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I think you’ve hit the nail on the head, @Slinky, it looks like you’ve had an exit fee deducted and a self service reward added this will all be detailed on your final statement. 

If you’d like this checking over prior to your final statement being produce, please reach out to the team. 


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Look like? Well it’s all guess work at the moment and lack of communication from OVO. Admittedly I have received an email earlier today in response to my earlier ‘Complaint’ and they have informed me that £7.50 has been added to  my account for January’s SSR but I’m a duel fuel customer so surely I should receive £30?

As for the exit fee, again referring to my email earlier today it says the following:

As when you start a switch to another supplier your account goes on a billing suspension until you receive your final bill 4-6 weeks after switching.

If that’s the case, then why has an exit fee been taken ? Surely billing suspension means no further payments will be taken until the final bill is generated in 4-6 weeks after switching.

Of course questions of this nature could be avoided if OVO were more forthcoming with information. Had they sent me an email to explain that these payments were due I need not be asking questions here now. I’m sure I don’t need to say that I have a right to know when money is leaving my account, surely that’s commen courtesy to notify a customer of such an eventuality, not leave them wondering where the money has gone.

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I say looks like, @Slinky, because I’m sure you can appreciate with no access to your account, i’m very much in the dark here regarding what the deduction/addition is for, I’d recommend giving the team a call they’ll have access to your account and will be able to advised accurately. 

The billing suspension is put in place so that we can ensure your final bill is accurate, once the switch has completed, it will not put a stop to your payments, exit fees or Self Service Reward payment being added/deducted from your balance.  






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Sorry @Amy_OVO , I didn’t mean my last post to sound like I was having a go at you. I know you can’t access my account but at the time of writing I was as much in the dark as you are.

Sure I could phone OVO but I dislike doing that when I’m busy with appointments etc…

Besides I prefer to have OVO’s responses in writing where possible. I’ve had instances in the past where OVO have telephoned me to explain the various problems I’ve encountered but they then try to baffle you with ‘industry speak’ which is of no use whatsoever.

Thank you for explaining about billing suspension, that does explain the deductions or rather it does confirm my suspicions as to what these deductions were for.

I have had quite a long reponse to my earlier complaint but I don’t feel it fully addressed the questions I raised properly and have since asked for it to be escalated. Annoyingly that doesn’t seem to have happened as earlier today I received the briefest of replies with no mention of escalation.