Enormous bill for electricity

  • 20 May 2018
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Hi everyone!

Basically, we've received annual bill for electricity from Spark (just about 3000 only!!!, ridiculous). We have 3 bedroom apartment. The main Spark's fault was with meters. At the beginning we had 4 readings. Even our landlord said that it is impossible. So we had found the reason for this bill. Conversations and explanations with Spark were useless. We made a complaint to Citizens advice and now we are waiting for the respond. But Spark's behavior is really funny. They have deleted one reading. How could it be? Just take a look


1 reply

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And today (23rd Nov), I've just learned that Spark is unable to pay a Renewable Obligations bill, so must cease trading.

OVO Energy have put in an offer to take over the accounts of 300,000 customers.

If you're reading this, and you're a Spark customer... don't panic. The Energy Regulator is aware of the situation and you won't be cut off.

It will take a while to sort out accounts with amounts outstanding.