Billing and charges on my online account - DIY tutorial series

  • 16 September 2020
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Billing and charges on my online account - DIY tutorial series
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Updated on 16/09/20: for more online account guides, see this topic hub


Billing and charges in your online account - your guide



Charges and costs 

You can see a breakdown of your charges online on the 'Charges' tab.

Then further below you can see a daily breakdown of your electricity and/or gas charges:

If you have half hourly meter readings via a smart meter you can also click into the kWh link for that day so see exactly when you’ve used energy.

How charges are displayed 

When adding charges up there are a couple of things to know about how they are displayed online

If you look at your daily breakdown, this is rounded up to the nearest whole penny. However in reality we calculate it to fractions of a penny.

If you look at your total monthly charges, the balance may differ by a penny or so as the these charges are a sum of the exact daily charges and are not rounded up each day. This means the rounded monthly amount is the most accurate balance for what you’ve been charged.

This also applies when you’re looking at your monetary values on the usage graph page. Whilst these figures are rounded to whole pence if you were to add them up they may not match the monthly summary which does not round up until all of the exact daily charges are combined.

If there's a drop out in communications (comms) with your smart meter

If your smart meter has a drop out in comms over a period of time, we spread the charges and usage across all of the missing days as an average. But bear in mind it will also show the exact same charges and usage each day for the period without comms.


If your meter dropped out of comms for 5 days and you used £10 of energy in this time (65 kWh), it would not show as an additional £10 on the day the comms are restored, but would show each day as £2 (13kWh) which is the average split over 5 days.


Monthly summaries


The first thing to clarify is that these are not legally statements by Ofgem's definition as they do not contain all of the information a traditional statement would, but are 'Monthly Summaries' which can be downloaded as a PDF file. 


The download option for the latest summary is only available 5 days after the end of the latest month i.e. May's summary will only be available to download from 5 June. You can download historical summaries at any time.


These summaries don’t include your supply numbers (MPAN/MPRN) or the meter serial numbers. However this information can be found via the 'Plan' tab. These can be used to confirm Proof of address, meter readings, or opening/closing balances each month.


Monthly billing explained



To explain this, let’s split the information provided into four sections with an example

  • Starting Balance
  • Total Charges
  • Total Credit
  • Current/Ending Balance


You have a starting balance of £421.57 which has followed on from your last billing date.

The total charges will include everything under 'Consumption/standing charge' (total is shown at the end of that row). You will also need to add any VAT which is a few rows below. Charges/standing charge will total £59.11 + VAT of £2.87 = a total charge of £61.98.

The total credit will be anything under 'Summary of payments' (total shown at the end of that row). You will also need to add any other credit which will all show under 'Other transactions'. Again, a total will show on the end of that row. Total credit would be £145.00 Direct Debit + £1.67 Interest Reward = £146.67.


Once you have all these figures you can then follow it like this

  • Starting Balance = £421.57, minus
  • Total Charges = £61.98, add 
  • Total Credit = £146.67, equals
  • Current/Ending Balance = £506.26


That’s all we’ve got for this billing tutorial. One thing to bear in mind is that we’re looking to improve the online experience all the time, so this is subject to change. Let us know if we’ve missed out anything important, or if you have feedback on your online billing and costs.

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