When will my smart charger be installed?

  • 3 September 2019
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Greetings to all,

Trying to be greener and do my bit so have bought an electric vehicle.

Submitted applications and all required details to Ovo for EV everywhere package and selected home EV charger option on 4th July.

Since then I have had a minor operation courtesy of NHS 8th July.
Taken wife and daughter to Heathrow to start 6 week vacation in Hong Kong 20th July.
Been to a funeral 22nd July.
Had a long weekend in Bruge and The Netherlands 2nd to 5th August.
Had a follow up appointment with NHS consultant 22nd August.
Bought 2 Dutch Bicycles 27th August.
Visited Bath 1st September.
Collected wife and daughter from Heathrow following their 6 week vacation in Hong Kong 2nd September.
Run my company including 2 payroll runs and 1 vat return.
Had root canal dental work today 3rd September.......perhaps that's why I am in a bad mood, or is it because I am still waiting for this (please insert suitable word of your own choice here) EV charger to be installed.

Fortunately I do not rely on an electric vehicle while it gathers dust.

Phone calls and emails to Ovo, Charged EV, Kaluza yield pathetic responses of "its being looked at" or its the other company. This seems like really poor service and performance to me but maybe I am wrong about this so please can others let me know, is this an acceptable level of performance? Please post yes or no.

Thank you

5 replies

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Sorry to hear you're still waiting for your smart charger instillation, @Mr Dis Gruntled. We've raised with the team and they've confirmed someone will be in touch very soon, if they haven't been already to sort this out for you.

Not a great experience, but one we are definitely working on to improve!
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Hi @Mr Dis Gruntled in response to your question - no, this isn't an acceptable level of service. I'm really sorry to hear about your experience.

ChargedEV manage the installation part of the process, and so I have raised and escalated with them and have asked for a member of their team to get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you have still heard nothing by midday tomorrow, please could you let me know and I will escalate further.



Just to let people know it is taking a very long time to get a charging point fitted.

I applied on 02.11.19 - nothing happens unless you phone - after 3 weeks they had not even looked at the photos. I was then asked for more photos and then an engineer came and checked my house and electrics. Appointment given was then early January but I was then offered a cancellation for today. To get to this stage I have made so so many phone calls - continually told I will be phoned back but it doesn’t happen. People are pleasant when you speak to them but they appear to be overworked and there is a real shortage of installation and technical staff.

Today they should have fitted my unit - but they have messed me around all day and finally at 2.30pm I have been told they can’t source the tethered unit I had ordered. This is despite them telling me several times throughout the day that they had one and they were on the way. I have lost a day at work and no further forward - still can’t charge my car at home - cross, frustrated and disappointed. 

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This isn’t good to hear at all, @linda S, could you PM me your full name, DoB and full address, I’ll chase this up for you. 


@linda S 


I understand your frustration 100%.


I started this process to have a charger fitted 4th July.


I am still waiting approaching 6 months later.


I had taken a day off work on 19th November for the installation to be carried out. When the engineered turned up and looked at the job he immediately said he could not do it as he only had battery drills and there was a reinforced concrete wall to be drilled through.


Excuse me Ovo & Charged EV, what was the point of sending out a surveyor if not to make note of these details? Why have you not made arrangements with proper engineers with the correct equipment? I really cannot believe that a proper engineer doing this job would turn up without a mains sds drill on board...they are not expensive, my company owns a number of them.

After some chasing on my part I have a new installation date of 19th December, so another day off work at the busiest time of year.


I was told that I needed a specialist drilling company to make the 25mm hole through the concrete. Well I did it myself yesterday with one of my company sds drills...I think it took me about 90 minutes altogether and about £18 for the drill bits and it was very easy to do. This included drilling another 8mm hole for a cat 5e data cable to go through.


The cat 5e data cable was required as the charger is smart but again it seems beyond the capabilities of these engineers to deal with anything. I ended up buying the cable and rj45 connectors etc myself and pulling the cable from my 2nd floor apartment down to the basement car park. Once again this was easy and took me about 2 hours.


So I am now looking forward to the next instalment on the 19th December but I am really wondering if the engineer that turns up will be able to cope with fixing a bracket on the wall to hold the charger and passing a cable through a hole in a wall and connecting it into the supply. I think I best stand by with a load of tools so that I can provide what he does not bring and be ready to mop his brow from all the exertion.


Electric vehicles maybe the way of the future but inadequate performance such as we are experiencing and inadequate charging infrastructure are in the way of it all.


Not holding my breathe, its a fudging shambles