Charging a car or cars in a garage away from the house

  • 20 December 2019
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The garage where our cars are parked is about 4 metres from the house and Distribution Board. There is a standard 13 amp socket in the garage on a spur from the house.

The garage is hardly larger than the cars, a golf estate and a polo.  The estate has to go nose in, the polo tail in, so as to be able to exit the cars in the small space between ever-widening car dimensions.

We have solar panels on the house, which feed surplus into the grid, and an economy 7 tariff.

Is it possible to fit one - and in future 2 - chargers in the garage?

How much space is required around the cars to be able to connect to them - or is that a “how long is a piece of string?” question that depends on the specific model?

Does the system allow for daytime charging using surplus from the panels, but otherwise only the night-time electricity?

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