OVO iOS and Android app version 6.1.2 - release notes

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We're rolling out an update to the OVO app that'll release these changes:

New features
- We've made the new improved native meter read submission experience available to more customers. You'll now see the new experience if you have a meters with lots of digits or if you have day and night electricity meters (Economy 7 or Economy 10).
- Sometimes we need to do maintenance on our systems and when that happens the app has been showing uninformative error messages. We've added a new feature that'll allow us to inform you through the app if you're trying to access your account when our systems are being worked on. There's also lots of work going into reducing the amount of downtime our systems have.
- If the app fails to fetch your account details for any reason we've added the option for you to ask it to try again.

Bugs squashed
- On the meter readings screen we're recommending to most customers which date in the month is best for you to submit a meter reading. There was a bug in how we were working out which day to recommend so some customers were being recommended the wrong date. We've fixed that in this release.

Coming soon
We're working on a new version of the Home screen and we're looking at more helpful ways to explain your account balance. Watch this space!

If you'd like to try a slightly rough-round-the-edges version of the new home screen experience leave a comment here and we'll be in touch.

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OVO is a good android as well as an ios application for calling benefits for your help. It's a really good app and now the bugs are fixed that's why it is nice.


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