UK wide snow on the way! Some tips!

  • 23 February 2018
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Good evening all you lovely people on the forum!

Well it looks very likely that a good 11 days of minus tempratures and snow are on the way for most of country, including the South and East of England, Midlands, Wales and Scotland.

Now whilst most people in the North put on a warm jumper and get on with it, those of us here in the South and East for example find the whole world falls apart!

Anyway I know for some this sort of weather can be very upsetting as not everyone can afford much in the way of heating, that of course includes working households these days.

I just want to remind everyone to check the Warm Home Scheme (Can be found on OVO website or GOV.UK site) to see if you can a one off yearly credit of £140, and for those of certain benefits/pensions there are automatic payments of £25 a week called Cold Weather Payments from the DWP, you do not need to apply if you qualify but if you think you've missed out please call your JobCentrePlus to be sure.

Again be sure to check if you are entitled on GOV.UK

Please also forgive this statement of the sheer obvious but remember when so much as a D.N.A molecule of snow lands on a railway line it often brings the network to a halt! So wrap up warm in case you need to make an alternative journey, have de-icer in the car and so on .... you know all this already I'm sure! 😉

In closing please give your older neighbours and disabled neighbours a quick knock to see if they need shopping and for those of you with warm hearts please keep your cats and dogs indoors and buy a homeless person a warm coffee, they will appreciate it.

Once again I know you are all lovely customers who know this stuff already but I thought it never hurts to jog peoples memories :)

Stay warm and wrap up!

Best wishes,

Tristan 🙂

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Ps The Warm Home discount will be open for applications in the Autumn - for 2018/19, remember to apply so you may get help next year in this kind of weather next year! 🙂