The Future of Cheaper and Cleaner Energy

  • 16 April 2018
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"Switching energy suppliers frequently is one way to take advantage of cheap tariffs, but what if we could change this so that our reliance on companies offering said cheap tariffs would reduce?

We could revolutionise the way we generate energy by turning our homes into mini power stations! You’d need to have solar panels fitted to begin with but what’s really exciting (and very new) is that consumers are beginning to pair solar with batteries to store and either use or export the electricity when it makes most financial sense. This is another great reason for why you should get smart meters installed as they are key to enabling much of the technology and new pricing. Revolutionary or what?

Read the full article on the future of cleaner and cheaper energy here

What are your thoughts?

6 replies

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Hi Lucy hope you are well!

Are the proposed new storage heater devices workable for people without solar panels?

Its a really silly question but might as well be me who asks it!

Sorry, I'm not that techie hehehee!!!

Thanks @Lucy_OVO

Bumblebee 🙂
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Are the proposed new storage heater devices workable for people without solar panels?

I can see your question has been answered on this thread @Bumblebee

For anyone else looking, the trials for this Home Energy Storage system are currently only for people without solar or other onsite generation systems, but the plan is for them to be compatible.

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Thanks @Tim_OVO

That's great news as I may be able to take part!

Thank you for the reply, have a great weekend!
I am considering a quotation to install 24x 300 watt solar panels under a scheme set up by my local authority. The proposal includes the installation of a power diverter to enable ~25% of the output to provide domestic hot water via my immersion heater. My question is whether I could use more of the power generated during the day for heavy uses such as washing machine and tumble dryer and by what mechanism? Or, must I just allow the excess power to be exported to the grid?
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Any thoughts on @jeccles2 comment @ITGeek123?
A report published by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) earlier this year found that the cost of renewables is falling at such a rapid rate that it will be a consistently cheaper electricity source than traditional fuels in only a few years’ time, posing a mounting threat to the fossil fuel industry.


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