OVO and Corgi - sharing my negative experience

  • 31 October 2018
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I am so disappointed with this. I have followed the link from my homepage to the Corgi page. It states that it as easy as 1. 2. 3. To get a new boiler installed with your choice of date. After booking it in I received an email from Corgi to say they would contact me about the pre installation. 2 days before the booked date we had no contact . I called Corgi who told me that there was 'no chance' of having the boiler fitted on the day that was agreed. They couldn't give me a date at all. The customer service guy gave me the number of the installer and told me to contact him myself. We arranged an afternoon. He didn't arrive. When I asked him when he would come. He said I don't know' He said he would call over the weekend. No call. We called him again arranged another afternoon. He didn't arrive. No call from him. I called OVO. They said they could do nothing. This morning I cancelled the whole thing and asked for a refund. Even though my payment was immediate I have to wait 5-10 days. Thoroughly dissapointed.

2 replies

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It's a real shame to hear about this experience, @Tracydavis70 - I'm sorry things went that way.

If you call our Customer Care team, they should be able to pass on these concerns about the engineer to our Network team: 0330 303 5063

You'll likely to have received that refund much sooner than 5-10 days, it's just a default time frame on our system - I appreciate it isn't nice to wait when you paid instantly in full!
Am just flagging up poor communication and response from customer services.

Am desperately trying to track down my promised Amazon vouchers from OVO after taking out a Corgi Care Plan.

Firstly - lack of reply.
Secondly - told that it was Corgi who were to supply the vouchers --"wrong"
Thirdly - no response from Customer services to my repeated enquiries
Fourth - eventual apology with promise that vouchers on the way.
Fifth - no sign still of vouchers
Sixth - failure to respond again from Customer services.

Anybody else frustrated or indeed anybody else been successful in getting their vouchers?