Exciting new prospects in the world of renewable energy!

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It’s no secret we’re renewable energy mad here at OVO. So we were pretty excited to read that scientists and tech firms are looking at new ways to harness renewable energy!

Something as simple as a concrete lamp-post could become a battery, storing the energy needed to work all night. Or fleets of driverless taxis giving back surplus energy to the grid!
Sounds great right? But how realistic is it? According to an article published by the BBC, new materials show promise!

Cement mixtures made from power station waste could turn buildings into batteries and new materials are also helping to make solar panels cheaper and more cost-effective! Another solution from Turkish firm Devici Tech is to use vertical wind turbines along roads where they can be powered by the slipstream from passing traffic.

While these innovations are technically possible (and pretty exciting), it is currently prohibitively expensive...so we may be waiting a little while before we see energy generating taxis on our roads!

For those more scientifically minded users, you can read the logistics in greater detail here .

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