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Did you know your meters have certificates that can expire?

  • 3 September 2019
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Did you know your meters have certificates that can expire?

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Technically, I think the engineer isn’t able to move the cut out (one of those black boxed on the meter board). This is the property of your local Distribution Network Operator. 


But I would recommend getting our engineer booking team to check, please forward that photo to us our many social media channels: FacebookTwitter or our Help Centre has online chat

I received an email today saying certificate had expired on my electricity meter and needed to be replaced by smart meter.  My understanding is that no one has to have a smart meter.

What if I don't want one?

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Welcome to the forum, @100043521

When a meter certificate expires, we can’t recertify the existing meter - so we have to replace it. Traditional meters aren’t available in the UK as they are no longer being manufactured, which is why we will replace your expired meter with a smart one. 

We no longer have analog meters in stock. 

Hope this helps, 


Does it cost anything to have my meter replaced? 

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We offer smart meter installations free of charge, @jojojojo01, you can book an install here.