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Did you know your meters have certificates that can expire?

  • 3 September 2019
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Did you know your meters have certificates that can expire?

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30 replies

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We offer smart meter installations free of charge, @jojojojo01, you can book an install here.


I keep getting emails from OVO telling me my meter is out of calibration and that I need a smart meter fitting.

Great come and fit one, But before you do please read the email I sent you about the electricity supply to my house. 

When Northern Networks wanted to dig up my drive and my neighbours drive I gave up with the idea. 

So unless you have found a way of getting the supply to my house without digging up our drives then Its  No from me. 

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I’ve moved your query here, @lippy. It sounds like this is quite a unique situation, so I’d recommend getting in touch with our team about this, they’re available on 0330 303 5063 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm. They’ll be best placed to help with this, and can hopefully come up with a solution to resolve this. 

Not Unique where I live evidently

It goes back to when the houses where built before the 2nd world war. 

EDF sent someone to fit a Smart meter and he said no can’t be done without Northern networks re wiring to the house. 

So I am stuck with an Old meter and everytime OVO email me to say it is uncalibrated it doesn’t help.


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Hi @jojojojo01 - not for a faulty meter exchange, smart meter exchange or a re-certification :man_dancing: